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Rose DaSilva
21 February 2007 @ 11:02 pm
I'm still here, I'm sorry for ignoring the journal but I didn't know what to type about. The curses didn't hit me, except for sloth and I couldn't bring myself to write anything. I... that angel talked to me. I'm just Sharon's mother. Food fight outside? Alessa, honey, want to join me?

((OOC: She's not posting Sharon's picture because Sandalphon scared her)).
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Rose DaSilva
01 February 2007 @ 06:14 pm
New people are arriving to this place. Maybe it'll be easier to leave during this period. It can't hurt if I try. Dorian's price was too high.

That is my daughter, Sharon. Just in case she is also taken to this place, tell me. I don't want her to wander frightened and ran into a freak or enter to the dangerous woods.

Filtered to any character connected to Silent Hill. UnhackableCollapse )
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Rose DaSilva
23 January 2007 @ 03:12 pm
I must have fallen asleep. I haven't slept in... I don't remember how long.

I've been here for over a week and not a clue of Sharon, I've visited all the places of the City Alessa recommend me. I put a picture of her in the Hall of the Missing. I don't know what else to do but hope Christopher returned and he's comforting her until I'm back. I hope Alessa's right and they are together.

That Dorian still sells tickets home, doesn't she?

Thank you to everyone who have offered their help. You've been very considerate with a stranger. And about that "cult" issue, I have no comments in that. The only cult I ran in Silent Hill was the one ran by Christabella and she didn't worship any deity of a particular color. Sorry.

Heather, do you still want to... meet me?

P.S. Attention: This is my daughter, Sharon, if you see her contact me (Rose DaSilva) as quickly as possible. She's only nine years old:

Thank you.

((OOC: Beware Rose will post her daughter image in all her entries until someone picks Sharon XD; )).
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Rose DaSilva
16 January 2007 @ 01:02 pm
This is.... new. No static, monsters, mist or ashes, just a ticking.

Excuse me but could someone give me a hand here? Please? I don’t know where I’m but I have to return! I have a daughter, Sharon, she’s a young girl all alone in the world and needs me there. Is there an airport or bus station close by? Thanks.

Are we even in America?

Please God, let Christopher arrive soon and take care of Sharon.

ETA: Has anyone seen this little girl? She could be here.

That’s my daughter. If you see her, tell me, please.

Sharon, honey, if you read this don’t worry, mommy is coming.
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